Modern Sustainability

When terms like idyll, fascinating landscape, nature and tranquillity take on a concrete meaning, it is at the Ollwiller wine estate in Alsace. It is one of the oldest wine estates
in France. In 2020, the Mack family of entrepreneurs from Baden took over the estate and extensively renovated it. The focus is on viticulture. Thomas Mack, co-owner of Europa-Park: “The Ollwiller wine estate is a German-French project close to our hearts. We were welcomed with open arms. It is a great family project, also for the next generations of Mack. We want to achieve the best quality. For me, this is a modern form of sustainability.”

To achieve this, the Mack family works with Mathieu Kauffmann, who is considered one of the most successful winemakers in France. He consistently relies on a biodynamic viticulture concept. Sustainability is already part of everyday life at the Ollwiller estate. The entire water supply, for example, comes from six of the estate’s own springs, and its own sewage treatment plant ensures that the water cycle is closed. The heating and hot water supply is provided by dead and waste wood, which is fed into a super-modern high-tech wood chip heating system. Thomas Mack: “We want to develop this wonderful spot of earth for the long term.”