Sustainably successful since 1780

In 1780, Paul Mack lays the foundation for the Mack group of companies when he opens a trade in Waldkirch. He manufactures carriages and wagons and soon begins to expand beyond Waldkirch, which at the time was a centre of organ building. The Macks build suitable equipment for transporting organs. They are also successful with stagecoaches and multi-seated carriages. Where the organ plays, the showmen are not far away. Thus begins the liaison with the world of fairs. Mack builds caravans for showmen and circus people, which become known as travelling palaces. The equipment becomes more and more luxurious.

The Mack company even becomes the official ‘purveyor to the court’ of the Krone circus. Even after the two world wars, the rise continued unabated. Under Franz Mack, the company developed into a global enterprise. In 1975, Franz and Roland Mack finally open Europa-Park, today one of the biggest and best theme parks in the world with more than six million visitors a year. Mack remains the only company that is both the manufacturer and operator of the rides.