Cult attractions in an alpine look

absolute cult rides for many Europa-Park fans for decades. They were badly damaged in a fire in 2023. Following rapid reconstruction, you can soon experience them again in a new splendour, together with the VR rollercoaster “Coastiality Alpine Express”: instead of travelling through a hall as before, the “Enzian Alpine Express” and the “Coastiality Alpine Express" now travel through an impressive rocky landscape with seven-metre-high waterfalls. Also integrated into this alpine scenery is the new “Magic Gorge of the Diamonds”.

Those mischievous Yomis

Everything revolves around the Yomis. The little green trolls – already familiar from the previous “Yomi Magic World of the Diamonds” and “Josefina's Imperial Magic Journey” – are up to their mischievous tricks everywhere you look. Visitors can discover them on the “Yomi Adventure Trail”, among other places. Like a high-altitude path in the mountains, the trail leads over suspension bridges on rocks up to twelve metres high. Accompanied by climbing elements and two slides, it also goes deep down the gorge to the gemstone grotto, the home of the Yomis. The Alpine Express winds its way around the trail – sometimes above, sometimes below – through the mountain panorama. “The newly designed world around the Enzian Alpine Express and the Tyrolean White Water Ride is undoubtedly a highlight,” explains Europa-Park owner Roland Mack. “It enriches the entire park experience”.