New mega rollercoaster

Europa-Park is getting a new super rollercoaster The coaster “Voltron Nevera powered by Rimac”, manufactured in the family-owned production workshop in Waldkirch, Mack Rides, is one of the most spectacular rollercoasters ever and has received worldwide attention. It simultaneously breaks several records and brings numerous new ride elements onto the track. Among other things, passengers will experience, at 105 degrees, the steepest launch in the world on the roughly 1,400 metre-long track.

The mega rollercoaster, located in the new themed area, “Croatia”, has been created in partnership with the Croatian brand Rimac, which is responsible for constructing the fastest electric car in the world. A high level of manoeuvrability, unusual effects including weightlessness, outer seats next to the track and a dark ride section give “Voltron Nevera” a unique ride sensation that can be enjoyed by the whole family – from an age of eight and a height of 1.30 metres.