Road Cycling Days at Europa-Park

First hop onto a saddle and then later a rollercoaster: the Road Cycling Days at Europa-Park Adventure Resort offer this unique combination from 5 to 9 June and from 19 to 23 June. Bike guide Christof Steier will lead a group through the region’s most interesting routes on four different days, after which admission to Europa-Park is included as part of the package. Rulantica can also be visited on Fridays from 4.30pm. “The offer is ideal for cycling fans with families,” explains Steier. “The cycling-enthusiastic member of the family rides half of the day on the road and then joins the rest of the family, who spend the whole day in the park. And, of course, everyone can enjoy the upscale hotels and their culinary delights.” He also points out that the road bike tours are aimed at hobby cyclists – not competitive athletes: “These are tourist trips of between 70 and 80 kilometres over three to four hours. That leaves plenty of time for the family on each day.”