Experience the magic of the park at home

Europa-Park Resort has set up its own streaming service. At www.veejoy.de you can find content of all kinds in German, French and of course English. Enjoy podcasts and backstage interviews, films by MACK Media and MACK Magic, background stories and a wide variety of other content
with just a few clicks. VEEJOY allows you to bring the magic of Europa-Park and Rulantica water world and all the stories around it into your own home. “There is always plenty of magic in every story and every character as you discover our worlds and secrets on VEEJOY,” explains Michael Mack, Managing Partner of Europa-Park.

Most VEEJOY content is free of charge and can be accessed without logging in. A few of the offers can be rented for a small fee and watched as often as you like during the 48-hour rental period. The VEEJOY content will be constantly growing. “Anyone who knows the Mack family knows that we never run out of dreams and ideas,” Michael Mack promises.