Dear guest,

Sun, heat and happiness: Basically we can start to enjoy life again. And at Europa-Park Resort you can leave everyday life well and truly behind you. And we are also looking to the future with great optimism. In the coming months, we will again introduce wonderful new additions to our resort that will make your stay even more memorable.

For example, we will soon be opening a true gastronomic world sensation right next to the YULLBE VR experience centre and the Krønasår 4-star superior themed hotel: Eatrenalin. Eatrenalin is a restaurant combined with a multi-sensory attraction, making it a unique experience. Multimedia, technology and a thrilling ride all rolled into one in a way never experienced before. This is not just about dining – it is a unique journey for all of the senses.

But futuristic Eatrenalin is by no means the only new attraction near the Krønasår themed hotel and Rulantica water world. A new arena is also being built there for the popular German Sunday TV show “Immer wieder sonntags”. And a total of eleven mystical Nordic-style suites are being added in the Krønasår as well as a new infinity pool. This pool juts out into the lake, and in the future guests will be able to jump directly into the water to cool off after heating up in the sauna. We can’t wait to share these wonderful new innovations with you.

Warmest regards
Thomas Mack