Would you like to stand in front of a dragon in the flesh? Or even set off to a distant science fiction world? In the YULLBE VR experience centre next to the Krønasår Hotel and Rulantica water world, adventure dreams become real, at least virtually real, and fantasy knows no boundaries. You can choose between the YULLBE GO and YULLBE PRO experiences, which differ in terms of duration and content as well as the hi-tech equipment involved. Equipped with around 100 cameras, among other things, YULLBE PRO is extremely elaborate and designed for group adventures, while for YULLBE GO all you need are a pair of VR goggles and, depending on the story, two remote controls for your hands. YULLBE is already a remarkable success.


This VR sensation can be experienced even outside of Rust. For example, there is a fascinating new YULLBE spin-off in Hamburg’s Miniatur Wunderland. There, adventurers are (virtually) shrunk to a staggering one eighty-seventh of their body size and sent on a breathtaking journey through Miniatur Wunderland. In our YULLBE VR experience centre you can always expect new adventures.


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