Eatrenalin: the gastronomy experience

Successful start for Eatrenalin
With the worldwide restaurant innovation Eatrenalin, Europa-Park really has its finger on the pulse of the age: Already in the first weeks after opening in November, more than 12,000 guests have taken this unique sensorial voyage of discovery which, alongside top gastronomic performance, also offers an interplay of visual, acoustic and haptic experiences. "We are very happy that Eatrenalin is so amazingly popoular. At the same time, we are continuing our development so that the experience remains first class for returning visitors", says Thomas Mack, managing director of Europa-Park. 
The response of the media has been just as overwhelming. Almost all regional and national media have already reported on Eatrenalin. Even international journalists from organisations such as the BBC and Financial Times from Great Britain, have reported on the restaurant of the future. The fundamental opinion has been very positive. You can still experience the original menu until the end of April, before a new menu can be discovered from May. 

The guests sit in comfortable leather seats – but in the Eatrenalin gastronomy experience, pleasure is not at all a static activity. The seats in which the visitors have settled into are “floating chairs”. The innovative bases, including tables for the gourmet tour, a patented new development from Mack Rides, are composed of 2,100 individual parts each.

With the self-driving “floating chairs”, culinary enthusiasts float through different worlds of gourmet pleasure in which a top-class eight-course meal is served. Each course is a culinary synthesis of the arts, combined with multimedia, music, choreography and changing scenes.

We start off in the depths of the ocean. In the “Ocean” room, guests are surrounded by underwater projects that gradually change into a dreamily beautiful beach. Then a draw in the table of the “floating chair” opens and seafood with plankton in champagne sauce is served in a seashell.

Eating and adrenalin
The gourmet voyage even continues into space as far as the moon. As indicated by the name, Eatrenalin combines eating and adrenalin. For around 160 guests per evening, chef de cuisine Pablo Montoro and his team serve a progressive set meal of the finest quality that will remain in your memory for a long time.

If combined with an overnight stay at Europa-Park experience resort, a booking for this unique worldwide gastronomy experience is already possible up to 7 January 2024.
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