“Ammolite delights its guests”

“Ammolite – The Lighthouse Restaurant” has been the world’s only two-Michelinstar restaurant in a theme park since 2014. But how do chef de cuisine Peter Hagen-Wiest and his team manage this achievement? Star chef Martin Klein recently asked the same question on his TV cooking show “The best chefs in the world – guest of Ikarus” on the Austrian private channel Servus TV, where Hagen-Wiest cooked up a treat, as usual. The taste highlights of his menu included pikeperch with porcini mushrooms and saddle of venison, combined with coffee and chilli. “Peter cooks for his guests and not for his identity as a chef”, said Klein enthusiastically. For years he has been inviting top international chefs to the restaurant “Ikarus” at Salzburg Airport. “The plates in the Ammolite don’t require a lot of explanation. It’s a kitchen that indulges the palate of the guests – that’s what I like”, Klein emphasises.