Fill up with asparagus

Even the ancient Romans loved asparagus. So much,that this nutrient-rich vegetable was used in the well-known saying: “Faster than the asparagus cooks”, was what the Romans used to say if something needed to be done very fast. Inspired by this popularity, that strechtes back into antiquity, the Antica Roma Restaurant in the “Colosseo" Hotel is the obvious place to “fill up with asparagus". From 23 April to 18 June, between 12pm and 2pm, you can enjoy white and green asparagus from the buffet in all kinds of ways. The asparagus is accompanied by ham and veal fricassee, new potatoes and Baden-style pancakes, as well as sauce hollandaise and melted butter. The menu is rounded off by a light asparagus cream soup and marinated strawberries.

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