Yullbe: virtual super campaign

The interactive action-adventure “Amber Blake: Operation Dragonfly” is conquering the virtual world and will be the new VR attraction in the Yullbe Adventure Centre next to the “Krønasår” Hotel from the start of next season. Based on the comics “Amber Blake” from the pen of the Belgian super model, Jade Lagardère, a “full body tracking free roaming VR experience” will be created. It transforms the 2-D comic series into an immersive 3D agent triller, and offers a unique experience for visitors from the age of 16.

The term “immersive” implies that you really plunge into something wholeheartedly and become completely absorbed in it. The players of “Amber Blake: Operation Dragonfly” are immersed in a 30-minute, interactive action film with an uncompromising (female) agent, a secretive villain and a nail-biting finale before the impressive skyline of Singapore. The experience becomes even more realistic, thanks to the additional features in the Yullbe equipment consisting of VR glasses and hand & foot trackers.

On certain sale days, hotel guests receive a 50 per cent reduction on Yullbe Go tickets. Information at the hotel receptions.

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