Favourite place

Wine cellar „Enoteca di Siena“ in the „Colosseo“ hotel

Siena – even the name conjures up a longing for Tuscany. Your thoughts turn to softly undulating hills, cypress trees, olive branches, excellent wines and medieval towns shimmering in the countryside. For many people, Siena is the loveliest town in Tuscany. Thanks to its gothic town centre, every visitor feels as if they have been transported back to the Middle ages.

The sensation of being in a long-forgotten age also captivates the guest in the “Enoteca di Siena” in the “Colosseo” Hotel. The wine cellar, with seating for eight persons, is located directly under the “Medici” Restaurant. From below, it’s possible to observe the commercial comings and goings through a small glass ceiling while you linger in a world of your own. The “Enoteca di Siena” is rustic and cosy yet dignified and true to the model of the medieval Tuscan town of the same name.

Vincenzo de Biase regularly presents wines from his sunny Italian home and from all over the world. He is the first sommelier to work in a theme park and is one of the greatest wine connoisseurs in the country. De Biaese has already been awarded the “Sommelier of the Year” distinction, among others. Naturally, guests can be sure that the list of the “Enoteca di Siena” only contains the best wines.