„Midsommar Havn-Fest“

When the sun reaches the most northerly point of her orbit and the people in the northern hemisphere experience the longest day of the year, it’s time for the traditional Midsommar Feast in Scandinavia. In the high north, it doesn’t actually get completely dark at night during this period. Although this isn’t the case in South Baden, the Midsommar Feast also celebrated at the Europa-Park experience resort. After the great success of the previous year, we once again invite you to the Park for the “Midsommar Havn-Fest” in June, which will take place around the lake between Rulantica and the “Krønasår” Hotel.
Over several days, guests can discover the Scandinavian lifestyle. The Danish TV cook Brian Bojsen (top in the photo), well-known from programmes such as “Die Küchenschlacht” (“Kitchen Battle”) and “Kitchen Impossible”, will be doing the catering.

Enjoy the taste of the north
Summer drinks, delicious delicacies and live music create a relaxed atmosphere into the late evening. There will also be plenty of entertainment for the children. It’s true that the sun does eventually set in Rust, but the magical atmosphere is sure to remain, just like in the far north.